Update on Michael and COVID-19 in prison

Michael has clear Covid-19 symptoms (loss of taste, flu-like symptoms such as aches and pains, tiredness, etc.), and is in a quarantine unit, he was moved there last week with 42 others, but now the whole unit of 100 men is being quarantined! This means he is going to have to share a cell with someone else, who may also, or may not yet have Covid-19, and who may be a total stranger to Michael, posing anxiety and even more nervousness.

I [webmaster] e-mailed the Ombudsman, but she only referred to the medical staff, which I called, but they only had an answering machine on, so I spoke in a long message about the situation.

Michael wrote that he still is very tired, has lack of energy, but he also had lack of taste and the taste is slowly returning. He is trying to exercise to keep fit, but he has also lost a lot of weight. Soon he will be celled up again, inside the quarantine-unit at CSATF, with a potentially new Corona-sufferer…

From Zah, via Jpay-message: 9-3-2020

“They are going around to each cell and demanding that people move into the cell with someone… They have no problem putting people in further harms way. Which is what this would do. And the medical is not going to say anything, knowing it will put people in harms way.”

In an earlier message that day:

“This is the second week for a lot of guys who were quarantined last week (some of us came over here last Monday and Tuesday). It will be interesting to see what is done. Particularly with much of the remaining people waiting to be moved now. I will keep you posted on any new developments. Please thank everyone for me ok.”

Please write Michael, via Jpay.com (he can respond!) or snail mail, thank you! He has no paper or envelopes or stamps to respond, but he can respond via Jpay.

By suspending the Death Penalty, Gov. Newsome shows he is governor even to the least

Michael Reed Dorrough’s article written in Feb-March of 2019, was published in the SF Bayview newspaper of June 2019:

SF Bayview newspaper cutting of June 2019 of Michael's article on Gov Newsome's decision about the death penalty

By suspending the Death Penalty, Gov. Newsome shows he is governor even to the least